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Madeleine Camille Hindman

December 27, 1998 - July 7, 2012


Madeleine loved to dance. She loved to stretch and move and spin and leap and soar. She would often be at the ballet studio six days a week. Her body would ache, her feet would scream, but she loved ballet and she loved dancing with her friends. She was also passionate about school, reading, piano, theater, and she loved going to camp, and participating in service opportunities at church. She worked hard, studied hard and played hard. 


Madeleine also loved Jesus. At 13 years old she had a remarkable relationship with her Savior. She kept amazing, yet private, journals detailing her growing spiritual maturity. Madeleine’s faith was (and is) an inspiration to all who knew her.


On July 5, 2012 Madeleine went to her last ballet class. Late that night she developed a brain aneurism that took her life very suddenly. Her heart has stopped beating but her dancing has not. Madeleine is now dancing the way she always wanted---perfectly.


Her example of dedication to all of her endeavors, and to her faith, has inspired many. Our wish is for her life and legacy to encourage others to a greater dedication to their faith and to allow children to be able to do missions, go to camp, play piano, participate in theater or dance, or learn a trade/craft, especially when they otherwise could not…in other words, to Dance, Work and Play.


The Madeleine Hindman Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire the hearts, souls & bodies of children who want to dance, work, or play right in our community of New Braunfels, TX. Thank you for contributing to this ministry." 


---The Hindman Family



Madeleine Camille Hindman died July 7, 2012 of a brain aneurism. Her untimely death came as an unspeakable shock, and words cannot express how much we miss her already. She was born December 27, 1998 in San Antonio, Texas. She is survived by her parents, Michael and Raquel Hindman, and her two sisters, Karlina and Annalise. Also by her grandparents, John and Debbie Hindman, and Frank and Sharon Holladay; she has numerous aunts, uncles and cousins with whom she loved to spend time. She was preceded in death (and welcomed into Heaven) by her grandmother, Loy Lyn Hindman and her Great-Grandmothers Marie Holladay, and Lora Fraunhoffer. 


Despite her tender age, Madeleine had a deep faith and love for God that was certainly beyond her 13 years. She was baptized into Christ in December 2010 at the New Braunfels Church of Christ, where she attended since moving to New Braunfels at two years of age. She kept a prayer journal, read God's word nearly every day and loved spending time with her friends from the church youth group, Camp Peniel and the homeschool community. 


She had many close friends including Rachel, Morgen, and Katy Maltby, Katya Potts, Gracie Docter, Bridgett Le, Abigail Kleck and her sweet sisters. She loved laughing, reading, playing, writing, dancing, learning, swimming, singing & being silly with her friends. 


To Madeleine her family was a treasure beyond price. She loved to be at home to play or swim or read---mostly read. She was a voracious reader & had read thousands of books. She loved her dear sisters and did nearly everything with them. Schatzie, her Tibetian Spaniel, adored Madeleine, following her around constantly. 


Ballet was a central part of Madeleine's life for the last nine years. Her form was long and graceful; she didn't begrudge the lengthy and strenuous hours of practice. She loved her ballet instructor and her classmates. Nearly every day she was at the ballet studio, first at Ballet New Braunfels, and then the School of Classical Ballet and Dance in Gruene. 


Madeleine delighted in traveling, camping, & hiking with her family. Colonial Williamsburg was her favorite stop on our recent trip to DC. She was becoming quite accomplished at playing the piano, taking lessons for years and practicing every day. Madeleine loved New Braunfels German heritage and took several German classes and wished so much to learn more. 


She had a great homeschool experience with her parents and loving adult friends as teachers. For the last two years she was part of the Classical Conversations Community, and was thrilled to become a Memory Master! She excelled academically because of her intense spirit and her love for learning. 


The New Braunfels Theatre Company and Show Choir was part of Madeleine's development as well. She had many fun (& long) nights at the Brauntex Theater and made many dear friends along the way. She had a lead role in the Jungle Book and also was in Hello Dolly, Cinderella, A Christmas Carol, Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland. 


At church she was active with Sunday School, Bible Bowl and Leadership Training for Christ; her gifts of great intelligence and memory served her well in these areas but it was her devotion to God and His word that propelled her. 


Madeleine will be missed every moment of every day by those who knew her. She is an indelible inspiration to all of us who remain on this temporal soil. Her spirit lingers with us as a blessing, but her soul now worships the King of Kings in Heaven. John 11:25 "Jesus said to her, 'I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.'" Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

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